Revision Surgery

Unfortunately there are patients who have to consider revision surgery for different reasons:

  1. Inadequate weight loss
  2. Unresolved co-morbidities
  3. Weight regain,
  4. Quality of life reduced due to new symptoms.
Experience Matters

Revisional bariatric operations are more complex and involve more risk than the initial surgery.

Not all bariatric surgeons have the training and experience to do revision surgery successfully. [1].

Surgeon skill and experience is one of the most important factors in patient outcomes.[2], [3], [4], [5].


We believe revision surgeries are an opportunity to correct negative symptoms and achieve significant weight loss.

The specific strategy depends on the patient´s situation: the type of previous operation, symptoms and comorbidities.

Dr. Rumbaut has 16 years performing successful revision surgeries.

How much does revision surgery cost?

The cost depends on your specific case. A diagnosis and quote are made after your first phone call with Dr. Rumbaut. You will also:

  • Know if you are candidate for surgery

  • He will recommend the best bariatric procedure for you,

  • Dr. Rumbaut will answer your questions,

  • Final quote and financing information from our administration team

If being overweight limits your life, if you've spent years trying to lose weight this is a real option to change your life positively.

More attractive, more years of life, more energy, less fatigue, less discomfort ...

The first step is contacting us. So you can speak with an expert about your case.

You can contact us by phone at 1-888-456-1211 or simply click the contact button.

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