Gastric Sleeve


The sleeve gastrectomy is a weight loss restrictive operation where 80% of the stomach is removed leaving it in a cylindrical shape, hence the name “sleeve”. This new stomach has a capacity of about 150 cc, (5 oz.) Unlike many other forms of bariatric surgery, the outlet valve of the stomach and nerves remain intact, while the stomach is drastically reduced in size maintaining its function.

Because the new stomach continues to function normally there are fewer restrictions on the types of foods people can eat after the operation compared to other types of procedures. The main difference is the volume of the portions.

How does it work?

With a smaller stomach your consumption capacity is reduced and you feel full quickly.

Unlike the Gastric Bypass procedure, the inactive portion of the stomach (80%) is removed from your body.

This causes a reduction in the grhelina hormone benefiting aspects of satiety, hunger, and blood sugar control.

Losing weight without being hungry.

  • Significant long term weight loss
  • Causes favorable changes in gut hormones that suppress hunger and improve satiety
  • Technically it is a simpler procedure than the gastric bypass.
  • Post-operative follow-up is easier. It requires no adjustments or supplements.
  • 90% reduction in diabetic mortality
  • 50% reduction in cardiac mortality.
  • Improves diabetes and metabolic syndromes.
  • Non-reversible

Homero Camargo -120 pounds*

Josue Camargo -88 pounds*

Reinforced Gastric Sleeve - Dr. Rumbaut™

Dr. Rumbaut makes several modifications to the Gastric Sleeve procedure for better results:

  • Reduction of leakage by reinforcing the staple line with a Laparoscopic suture line.

  • Reduced long term stomach growth.

  • Reduced incidence of ulcers and hiatal hierna.

  • Maximized weight reduction ( + 75% - 1 year)

Who is a candidate?

People with obesity related diseases and a BMI greater or equal to 30.

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How much does the gastric sleeve cost?

The cost depends on your specific case. A diagnosis and quote are made after your first phone call with Dr. Rumbaut. You will also:

  • Know if you are candidate for surgery

  • He will recommend the best bariatric procedure for you,

  • Dr. Rumbaut will answer your questions,

  • Final quote and financing information from our administration team

If being overweight limits your life, if you've spent years trying to lose weight this is a real option to change your life positively.

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