Gastric Bypass


This procedure is the most popular bariatric procedure worldwide.
The Gastric Bypass Surgery performed by Dr. Rumbaut is the Gastric Bypass Roux-en-Y (gastro jejunal bypass) through laparoscopy. In this procedure the stomach is reduced in size, so that the patient will be satisfied with a smaller amount of food, and the distance in which the food is in contact with the small intestine is reduced thus reducing absorption of calories by the body. These two factors cause a greater reduction in the overall weight loss.

How does it work?

When you eat food your pouch fills faster than normal and stretches the outer walls of the stomach, sending a satiety signal to the brain.

Food then passes from the stomach to the second section of the intestine decreasing caloric absorption.

The body assumes that the first section of the intestine is full of food and sends hunger reduction signals.

Losing weight without being hungry.

  • Significant long term weight loss
  • Reduction of appetite and increased satiety.
  • Calorie absorption reduced.
  •  Reduction of cortisol (stress hormone) and insulin (sugar-regulating hormone) promoting less fat accumulation and helping prevent Type 2 Diabetes.
  • May lead to conditions that increase energy expenditure
  • 90% reduction in diabetic mortality
  • 50% reduction in cardiac mortality.
  • Improves diabetes and metabolic syndromes.
  • In some cases it cures diabetes type 2 completely.

Aldo Flores -160 pounds*

See Benefits and Considerations

  • Technically it is a more complex procedure compared to gastric band and gastric sleeve.
  • It requires taking vitamins and minerals.
  • Requires doctor follow up for nutritional monitoring
Life changes

You can go back to work or school 7 days after your procedure if your job doesn’t require physical activity (desk job).

You’ll have sugar sensitivity. You might feel tachycardia, anxiety and cold sweat for 30-45 min. if you have too much sugar. This is called “dumping” or dumping syndrome; your new intestine (originally the second section) is not used to handling large amounts of sugar.
Since the first part of the intestine is not being used, vitamin B12, iron, calcium and folic acid absorption is reduced.

Taking supplements and monitoring nutrition levels are necessary after the procedure.

Alcohol tolerance is reduced due to increased rate of absorption.

Reinforced Gastric Bypass - Dr. Rumbaut™

Dr. Rumbaut makes several modifications to the Gastric Bypass Roux-en-Y procedure for better results:

  • Post-operative leakage reduction.

  • Reduced incidence of ulcers and hiatal hierna.

  • Maximizing weight reduction (+85% - 1 year)

  • Reduced long term stomach growth.

Who is a candidate?

People with obesity related diseases and a BMI greater or equal to 30.

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How much does the gastric bypass cost?

The cost depends on your specific case. A diagnosis and quote are made after your first phone call with Dr. Rumbaut. You will also:

  • Know if you are candidate for surgery

  • He will recommend the best bariatric procedure for you,

  • Dr. Rumbaut will answer your questions,

  • Final quote and financing information from our administration team

If being overweight limits your life, if you've spent years trying to lose weight this is a real option to change your life positively.

More attractive, more years of life, more energy, less fatigue, less discomfort ...

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