Gastric Band


A laparoscopic adjustable gastric band is placed embracing the upper part of the stomach creating a “pouch” or small stomach at the top. Food is gathered in this small stomach creating a sense of fullness and enabling the patient to eat smaller portions. The tightness of the band determines the amount of food a person can consume and the rate of the weight reduction. Band adjustments are performed periodically to obtain the desired weight loss.

How does it work?

An adjustment, or ”fill” as it is more commonly known, is adding fluid to the band around the stomach. This adjustment tightens the band and makes the opening between the upper and lower portions of the stomach more narrow, slowing the rate of food passing through and allowing you to become full faster and consume fewer calories throughout the day.

  • It is reversible and adjustable
  • A low complexity procedure
  • Recovery of only 3 days
  • 90% reduction in diabetic mortality
  • 50% reduction in cardiac mortality.
  • Slower and less early weight loss than other surgical procedures.
  • Requires strict adherence to the postoperative diet and to postoperative follow-up visits.
  • Requires a foreign device to remain in the body.
  • Can have mechanical problems with the band, tube or port in a small percentage of patients.
  • Can result in dilation of the esophagus if the patient overeats.
Important Points
  1. That the Gastric Band you choose is Adjustable; There are non-adjustable gastric bands which have poor performance.
  2. That the Adjustable Gastric Band you choose is approved by the FDA

There are only two bands approved in the United States, Allergan´s Lap-Band (formerly INAMED) and Johnson & Johnson’s Realize. More information.

Dr. Rumbaut has trained more than 150 surgeons in the technique of gastric band and is a member of the “Medical Advisory Committee for LAP-BAND ® System BioEnterics®” and “Health Expert Consultant for INAMED Health”.

Mónica Montemayor -100 pounds*

Double Suture Technique – Dr. Rumbaut™

Dr. Rumbaut has enhanced his lap-band technique, by including a double suture, this secures the position of the band, reducing erosions and slippage.

Life changes

In order to be successful with the lap-band, patients need to understand that the band does not work with caloric soft foods such as chocolates, ice cream, etc.

Who is a candidate?

People with obesity related diseases and a BMI greater or equal to 30.

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How much does the gastric band cost?

The cost depends on your specific case. A diagnosis and quote are made after your first phone call with Dr. Rumbaut. You will also:

  • Know if you are candidate for surgery

  • He will recommend the best bariatric procedure for you,

  • Dr. Rumbaut will answer your questions,

  • Final quote and financing information from our administration team

If being overweight limits your life, if you've spent years trying to lose weight this is a real option to change your life positively.

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