Pricing for surgery is quoted on an individual basis. There are several medical factors that influence the length of surgery, the hospital where it is performed and the medical material needed.

Contact us for a surgery quote. We will assist you in setting up a phone call so a member of our medical team can review your medical information and determine your needs.

Once your medical needs have been determine,  you will be transferred to our administrative team that will give you an exact quote for your procedure and will talk about the different surgery packages.

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More for your money.
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Dr. Rumbaut's Bariatric technique has variations that enhance recovery and maximize weight loss, which is why we have the highest success rates in the market.

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of quality of life.

An ASMBS study (60,000 patients) revealed that bariatric surgery patients decreased cancer mortality by 60%, diabetes by 90% and cardiac mortality by 50%.

Improved their quality of life by reducing knee and spine pressure, sleep apnea, cholesterol, GERD etc.

Savings on medications and hospitals bills derived from being obese are greater than the cost of a bariatric procedure.

We can help you reach your ideal weight and health!

[1] Grodstein, Levine, Spencer, Colditz, Stampfer, 1996.