Am I a Candidate?

  • BMI ≥ 30
    Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is equal to or greater than 30

  • You are between 15 and 65 years old
    Patients outside this range can be considered in special circumstances

  • You have been unsuccessful with diets and exercise programs
    You have tried diet and exercise programs for more than 5 years and have been unsuccessful.

  • No psychiatric disorders
    You do not suffer an untreated psychiatric disorder

  • Not suffering from addictions
    You have no history of alcohol or drug abuse

  • Not have cancer
    You do not suffer from active neoplastic disease (cancer).

  • No liver cirrhosis
    You do not suffer cirrhosis of the liver.

  • Willing to follow dietary guidelines
    You are willing to make diet and lifestyle changes.


Determine your Body Mass Index by using our BMI calculator

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