Rosa Nydia González

Hello! My name Rosa Nydia Garza. I am 35 years old. I was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico and I’m a stylist. I decided to undergo Gastric Band surgery when my weight was uncontrollable and reached an all time high of 269 Pounds. I decided to have surgery because I wanted to recuperate my health, appearance and self-esteem. After meeting Dr. Rumbaut I knew that I wanted him to perform my procedure. He made me feel at ease and explained every little aspect of the surgery.

I had my surgery on April 30, 2009. After my procedure my left shoulder felt a bit sore, but was part of the recovery. I left the hospital very happy, knowing that my life would be different. I can wear the clothes I love (short, close fitting, low-cut, etc. ). I feel confident; the smile on my face says it all!!

Dr. Rumbaut is my hero! I thank him and his team for rescuing me. When people ask me if I would recommend then to have surgery, my answer is yes!! Like everything in life there are some sacrifices to be made, but it is totally worth it! After 2 years and 8 months from my surgery I weigh 146 Pounds. I love the new me! I AM SO HAPPY!

-123 lbs*
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  • Tanya de la Rosa

    I had been dieting for years and and my body was not reacting positively. I was not losing any weight, this is when they recommended me to go and see Dr. Rumbaut. It didn´t take long for me to decide to have surgery.  And tothis day, this has been the best decision I have ever made. The change has been from the inside out. This has been a life changing experience I now know more  things about myself and I am healthier and happier!...*

  • Heliodoro Silva

    I decided to have surgery because I had high cholesterol  and I did not feel like I wanted. After my surgery change everything for the better! My appearance improved. I am more confident and have a new outlook on life. Thank you Dr. Rumbaut!*

  • Ernesto Chavarría

    Lost 121 lbs. I decided to get the lap band procedure because I had a real problem due to my obesity. I suffered from hypertension due to stress, work and obesity. I was referred with Dr. Rumbaut by several Doctor friends. And everything turned out excellent. Dr. Rumbaut offered great care and my postoperative evolution was wonderful without any complication. If you are considering surgery, I suggest you do everything to make it happen. Our health is the most precious thing we have. I recommend that you look for a Surgeon...*

  • Ivonne Ordoñez

    I had never considered the option of undergoing weight loss surgery until a friend of mine recommended me with Dr. Roberto Rumbaut. And now my life has changed in so many ways! I am a different person! I feel happy, joyful, I’m excited about buy new smaller clothes. It feels great when people tell me I look good, that I look like my children’s sister. It is the best thing that has happened to me! Dr. Roberto Rumbaut Thanks for changing...*

  • Cathy

    This is a story I never tire of telling. The positive changes that have taken place in my life are almost too numerous to mention. Many of these changes I have experienced are private and personal; much of it I can share, but perhaps not in print! ;o) The year before I was banded (1999) my weight was at an all time high. I was miserable and quite frankly, I had given up. I had tried everything and I was tired of...*

  • Cassie

    My name is Cassie and I have always been overweight. I guess the first time I realized I had a problem was after graduating high school at 16 years old and weighed 175 lbs while all my friends weighed about 115 lbs. My weight didn’t stop there, over the next few years I put on another 25 lbs to bring me to an even 200 lbs. I have been on numerous diets and took countless diet pills over the years to...*

  • Lisa

    Before weight loss surgery I had low self esteem, depression, constant back, and foot pain, and chronic heartburn. I felt like my weight problem was destroying my life. I knew I had to do something. Ten months after surgery I lost 90 pounds. A year and a half later I am still at the same weight. My self esteem is no longer a problem, the foot pain is gone, no more heartburn, and I now know that I am in charge...*

  • Elma

    My life has changed so much since I had Lap Band surgery. I was obese for more than 20 years and my health was suffering. I had high blood pressure, every joint in my body hurt and I couldn’t do anything without becoming short of breath. I went to Monterrey, Mexico and had Lap Band surgery on February 27, 2001. Dr. Roberto Rumbaut is an incredible surgeon as well as a wonderful human being. I met with him before surgery and he...*